Welcome to Destiny Creations

The Destiny Creations group of company’s provide high quality social work consultancy, training care and support across the whole social care spectrum for children and adults. We are a social enterprise. This means we are focused on delivering benefit for the community rather than shareholders. Throughout the following web pages we describe in detail the support we offer to individuals.

Whether you are looking for consultancy, training, care and support solution for adults or children we believe that you will find exactly what you want through contact with us. We are especially focused on self-directed outcomes and outstanding value.


Our Aspiration - Children and Young People

At Destiny Care we have identified eight areas of well-being for young people

  • Safe: Protected from abuse, neglect or harm at home, at school and in the community
  • Healthy: By having the highest attainable standards of physical  and mental health, access to suitable healthcare, and support in learning to make healthy and safe choices
  • Achieving: Being supported and guided in their learning and in the development of their skills, confidence and self-esteem at home, at school and in the community
  • Nurtured: Having a nurturing place to live, in a family setting with additional help if needed or, where this is not possible, in a suitable care setting
  • Active: Having opportunities to take part in activities, such as play, recreation and sport that contribute to healthy growth and development at home and in the community
  • Respected: Having the opportunity, along with carers, to be heard and involved in decisions that affect them
  • Responsible: Having opportunities and encouragement to play active and responsible roles in their schools and communities and where necessary, having appropriate guidance and supervision and being involved in decisions that affect them
  • Inclusion: Having help to overcome social, education, physical, and economic inequalities and being accepted as part of the community in which they live and learn.

Our Aspiration for Adult Social Care

Choice and Fulfillment

In meeting the daily challenges that service users face, we strive to provide support from staff and individual programmes which are tailored  to meet every  service user’s needs.


We work with service users to develop competency in areas that will enhance their ability for self-determination and acceptance. The changing needs of our service users are assessed continuously, and programmes are adjusted accordingly, to fully support, enable and empower them to achieve their full potential.

Social Skills

We believe that socialization and new life experiences are of paramount importance to an individual’s personal development. Skills addressed include, basic social, shopping and personal money management skills, environmental awareness and road safety.


We encourage the development of a wide range of leisure interests. A full range of leisure activities and facilities are accessed, and residents are provided with an enjoyable exercise programme.

Social Inclusion 

The main purpose of our social inclusion programme is to empower service users to re-integrate into the community and improve their quality of life. We have a very engaging social inclusion programme to encourage service users to have a full and meaningful day. We work in partnership with Occupational Therapists to supports service users develop structured routine to break the cycle of dependence especially in alcohol and substance misuse.