Teenage Girl Visits Doctor's Office Suffering With Depression

Destiny Care-Adult Social Care – Floating Support

Under the Destiny Care brand, we support people who have a variety of needs including learning disabilities, dual diagnosis, personality disorders, substance misuse, dementia and those with a forensic history.

Our key products include:

  • Large scale floating supportgeneric floating support and specialist floating support for older people, teenage parents, adults with substance misuse and mental health difficulties.
  • specialist floating support & hospital discharge services
  • supported housing services
  • Specialist personality disorder services.

Our floating support services help people with a range of different needs and situations including:

  • mental health problems
  • teenage parents
  • single homeless and homeless families
  • people with drug and alcohol use problems
  • older people
  • young people and care leavers
  • people with physical health problems
  • people who have learning difficulties.

Flexibility and partnership working are key to the success of our floating support services. Staff is responsive to individuals’ needs and circumstances, providing more intensive support where needed.

Support packages from our floating support services include:

  • benefits advice
  • tenancy sustainment
  • accessing local services
  • developing life skills
  • social inclusion
  • tackling complex debt problems
  • building and strengthening relationships
  • helping customers to move on
  • employment and training
  • budgeting
  • Debt management.
  • Direct Payments

Choice and Fulfillment

In meeting the daily challenges that residents face, we strive to provide support from staff and individual programs which are geared to meet every resident’s needs.


It is our aim to assist each resident in maintaining the skills that they come to us with, and the development of skills that will enable their full participation in the life of the immediate and wider community. We work with residents to develop competency in areas that will enhance the ability for self-determination and acceptance. The changing needs of our residents are assessed continuously, and programs are adjusted accordingly, to fully support, enable and empower our residents to achieve their full potential.

Social Skills

Socialization and new life experiences are of paramount importance to an individual’s personal development. Skills addressed include, basic social, shopping and personal money management skills, environmental awareness and road safety.

Day Services

All day activities are formulated on an individual basis according to assessed need and many are community based. The service promotes individual choice, privacy, dignity, rights and independence.

Health Needs

We encourage the development of a wide range of leisure interests. A full range of leisure activities and facilities are accessed, and residents are provided with an enjoyable exercise program.

Social Inclusion

The main purpose of our social inclusion program is to empower service users to re-integrate into the community and improve their quality of life.

We have a very engaging social inclusion program to encourage service users to have a full and meaningful day. Our Occupational Therapists supports services users to develop structured routine to break the cycle of dependence especially in alcohol and substance misuse.


Destiny Care - Children Social Care

We are passionate in working with children and young people, their families’ protection agencies and carers to provide the right solutions.

Our range of support aims to build brighter futures for people with physical and learning disabilities, autism, acquired brain injuries, complex behavioral difficulties, fostering, family assessment and complex needs.

We promote independent living and care that respects young people’s rights, choice, privacy and dignity. Our philosophy is to place the needs of our young people at the center of the service we provide.

We believe that all children and young people should have the same opportunities open to them and should be encouraged to grow and develop through a nurturing environment. Children and young people with a learning disability often find it difficult to cope in their family homes and may need support in a nurturing, safe and comfortable environment.

Destiny Care provides bespoke transition solutions created to support young people to live a valued lifestyle within the community. We support children and young people with learning disabilities, physical disabilities and associated social care needs. Our practitioners are experienced in working with young people with emotional and behavioral difficulties where more traditional approaches to care, health and education have failed. Email: care@destinycreationsgroup.org