Destiny Consultancy-Social Work Consultancy

Destiny Consulting

Under the Destiny Consultancy brand provide innovative consultancy solutions and tailored training to support the radical transformations in working practices and new partnerships needed to deliver the developing personalisation and integration agendas in social care. Our consultants are experienced, senior professionals bringing expertise from social work, social care, health and learning and development backgrounds in Local Authority social services, housing, health and other public sector organisations and voluntary sectors.

Developing Your Organisation

We can help you to create the organisational culture required in transforming and managing change across your service by ups-killing your leaders, managers and staff to deliver best professional practice in line with your policies, procedures and guidelines.
We can facilitate improvements in your organisational performance and complement your own resources by:

  • supporting your transformation and integration program to deliver new agendas
  • facilitating multi-agency and multi-professional working
  • developing teams and individuals
  • assisting you to have more productive interactions and meetings
  • providing professional learning and development services
  • drafting policies, procedures, practice guidelines and documents
  • facilitating process mapping and evaluation
  • providing flexible, HR support during restructure and supporting performance improvement
  • Developing your people

We offer support to improve professional practice, to help your people step into more senior roles and to develop competence in the delivery of citizen-centered services. Our solutions range from individual coaching through to bespoke learning and development programs designed to support changing expectations and increasing standards.

Leadership and Management in Social Care

We provide successful and innovative leadership and management programs for developing managers and aspiring leaders providing personalized social care services across the whole social care workforce.

We have a network of qualified coaches combining coaching expertise with strong background knowledge of the sector. We offer coaching support to managers at every level to deliver effectively for the organisation, including group coaching for senior teams.

We offer a wide range of independent social work services in relation to adults with social care and health related needs. The consultancy aims to deliver services that are fully autonomous and independent of statutory and public bodies. Our associate practitioners are all highly experienced social workers possessing a minimum of ten years post-qualifying experience within the social work profession. All independent social workers have a specialist area of practice and are ‘experts’ within their fields.

Our services may be commissioned by individuals, service users or their families or by statutory services and public bodies seeking independent or expert witness statements outside of their organisation. We offer a transparent approach and are happy to engage in initial case discussions before entering into an agreement to provide and purchase services. We are able to offer consultancy services in the design, implementation and review of systems that enable organisations to meet the requirements of legislation such as the Care Standards and “Valuing People” .We welcome solicitors to submit brief, anonymity case summaries, before formal instructions are accepted. For service users and their families, we welcome telephone or email inquiries at which point you will be advised on the most appropriate pathway for your case.

Email: consulting@destinycreationsgroup.org